Whether you are looking for consultancy, or a full-service marketing agency to take on responsibility for building, managing and implementing a 360° campaign strategy, Boom Live's pedigree in the live experience arena will give you the confidence you’ve made the right choice.

Combine this with our ability to manage your brand (both in the UK and internationally) and your campaign will be in safe hands.


Boom Live's performance analysis team are a central hub of activity within the business. Reviewing every data source under its control, the analytics team looks for stories and insights that drive your business forward, helping you understand why things happen, and - where possible - how we can use that to sell more tickets.

From sales and post-campaign analysis to ticket yield management and ticketing technology, Boom Live will provide support in the areas you need it most.

Want to know which is your best performing channel? Or the sticking points in your booking journey? Boom’s analytics uses your data to find out the results that matter – all under GDPR guidance.


Boom Live has the expertise to not only get your brand recognised in the right places, by the right people, at the right time, but also uses its test and learn programmes to optimise and maximise your budget. Boom Live has the ability to buy the best media in the market to suit your campaign, from OOH to TV, traditional print to programmatic - we’ve got it covered.


From a blank canvas to a fully defined brand, Boom Live has the team to support any creative development required to get your message in front of the people who need to see it and connect with it.

Understanding how creative works, and the commercial elements behind it, has proved invaluable to our roster of clients. This has given Boom Live the opportunity to work not just on a local or national level, but internationally, with world-renowned brands such as Batman, Tap Dogs and Walking with Dinosaurs.

Whether you need a set of brand guidelines or a new video produced for a specific campaign, Boom Live will deliver the assets required to bring your campaign to life. Boom Live can deliver concepts, creation design, artwork, online and e-marketing design, brand development, web design, photography direction and video creation and distribution.


Boom Live can manage your social media through paid, owned and earned to achieve campaign goals. From creating engaging content, to building strategies on enhancing customer engagement, we can be flexible with budgets in order to build custom made solutions that result in conversions.

Whether you want to launch new social channels or improve existing ones, Boom Live has the tools to deliver. To amplify campaigns, we work closely with influencers to suit individual briefs and can offer daily reporting to measure performance.


Need to reach new audiences? Then let Boom Live’s incredible network of contacts help you. With relationships ranging across a number of different categories, we will strive to find a partner that is right for you and your event.

Our extensive relationship network has delivered incredible strategic partnerships for our clients, including make-up brands, telco companies, broadcast outlets and fashion apparel. This is just a hint of what Boom Live can do. Want to know more? Get in touch or take a look at some of our amazing brand extensions within the CLIENTS section.